"All around you, the young witches and wizards of Hogwarts move about their business. No one seems to pay much attention to you as they all seem absorbed in their own lives and problems. Along various halls you see different classrooms, each with a sign out front proclaiming the class done therein. Off to one side, you see a very curious looking painting which attracts your eye with its strange shape and color. People are constantly entering and leaving via the school gates to a variety of destinations."

Hogwarts is one of the two places in which you can level up by choosing "Classes and Training", the other being Ottery St. Catchpole

When you enter Hogwarts you will see the four house point counters in the middle of the page. These update in real time (refresh needed) to reflect how many points each house currently has.

The main Hogwarts page also has a chat, which you can choose to ignore by choosing "Ignore Chat Users" (or hitting "n"), or you can participate in. There is no need for roleplaying in the main Hogwarts chat.

Hogwarts is home to quite a few different shops and services.

Trelawney's Orb
Contest Corner
Juan's Wizardwear
Deimos' Haberdashery
Heidi's Place
Amleine's Music Shop